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Top 5 Favourite Kenyan Celebrities with Sprawling,Hypnotic & Danceable Music.They Are Well Rounded and Trailblazing.

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If you a keen epic,passionate and ebullient classic listener of Kenyan Local Music you most probably would listen to your favourite Artists perform, his/her music play on telly or radio all through. Not many I would consider many Kenyan Musicians lot more monotonous unlike a list of of my favourite Artists I wouldn’t  mind dancing all night to their jams.

  • Collins Majale   aka Collo 

His pied piper in Music includes comic and superior phonology and the obvious .I bet even kids in Shagz can dance to Bazokizo,Collo who calms himself as “King wa Rap” …… DEP  is no doubt King from his early days with the Trio Kleptomaniax. I remember this group being nominated for the MTV Europe Music Awards (Best African Act) 2005,and their Album M4E bagging Best East African Album at the Tanzania Music Awards in 2006. I would still listen to the Maniax Anthem and Haree which were released in 2002. After 2007 we could hardly hear of Robba or  Nyashinski but Collo kept his A game with hit after Hit.

Collins Majale is undoubtedly super rapper I bet you check his sound of Music on your favourite avenue or a call for one of his concerts. He recently did a  gospel rap fusion E.P which with the biggest dance movement, BAZOKIZO which was released early September 2016 in collaboration with Bruz Newton and friends. Collo remains my favourite urban legend synopsis. Collo’s character and kind of Music saw him invited as guest artist in the 2010 Big Brother Revolution reality T.V in Nigeria. In that same year, I bet you remember  ‘Chini ya Maji’ was nominated for Channel O Africa’s Best Male Hip-hop category, which established Collo as a star in Africa’s hip-hop scene. This includes successful collaborations with  Camp Mulla as well achieving a nomination B.E.T Award for Party Don Stop; “You guy ft. P-Unit that scooped 2 awards at the Channel O Music Video Awards & many others.
Over the span of those Collo released a slew of albums; “Now Is the Time”, “Since 85’” with solo singles that has always remained to be my favourite local Hip Hop I guess yeeal remember dance shows like Orange Beat ya Street. I rest my case

  • Kansoul (Madtraxx,Mejja & Kid Kora)

Kenyans indentured to the idea of ironic fulfillment while you might be wrong. From em days I been listening to Madtrax and Mejja their kind of music has always been seductive and solid.And here’s why. There is something called Trapping perspective. It is affected by culture.I  love Kansoul because their music is within the frames of Kenyan popular culture. Kansoul traps like Migos making Kenyans trap hi-fi’s  see their artistic credibility whereas I  love the popular anthems by Kansoul such as Mabega & Dabotap. Quavo Ni Mejja and came inn the new Kid who joined this duo known as Kid Kora. Producing and skillfully soaring with Hits such as “Utamu wa Life”,”Tunakubali”, No Woman no Party and Bablas which is seductively layered.

  • Dela the Delz

Della is a stylish Kenyan Female  Vocalist who I been crushing on Damn!! a top flight crush though. Her Afro beat inspired by RnB vocals juxtaposition with a sexual swahili  accent. Della is a Talented Vocalist with an appealing blend of cultured ethereal refined and seductive Music with occasional foray into English & Swahili and accented Luo I remember watching one of her Videos with accented Luo. Dela combine styles experimenting often fast paced soulful  Afro Pop  and remarkable flow with crisply delivered lyrics, somewhat in the male and female comfort zone
Did I touch on her feminine aspects, I would obviously book a backstage table or this are some of the kind of Artist who call for Botties of Amarulla Backstage I wont hesitate to look at her close in the eye before she jumps on stage performing. Like some sort of sexiness awareness and Nobody’s fucking with that inner strength and delicateness attitude Dela Got.

  • Sauti Sol

This Kenyan Afro Pop Boy band of Bien Aime’ Baraza,Willys Chimano,Savara Mudigi and Polycrap Otieno has surprised not only me. I have all their 3 Albums on my Sound Cloud Account every single morning when javving I clock on -Mwanzo, Sol Filasofia and Live & Die in Afrika where I find myslef springboard  to deeper truths of society. If you are a normal human you’d dance to Sauti Sol all night long and relate to their jams. Sauti Sol carefully touch  the clichéd language of  symphonic,finely calibrated and highly listenable soulful music. I have so much positive stuff to write on my day one boys. They’ve mastered an A’ Game


  • Nameless

Ever since I was a teeny I  have a tendency of growing fond of people who work hard to impress their fans. Nameless or Baba Tumiso as I call him  is one serious dude who puts all he’s got into a song with Hits that I bet in late 90’s his Music has lasted an Art designed to suit Society. His style is ethereal making Nameless among the uniquest dynamic and bold artists Kenya Got. I need not to speak much about Nameless yeeeeal know he’s highly listenable and thrilling




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