Triple P TV

We' ve built a long standing relationship based on trust

Triple P TV  is a company that is set up to offer a 360 degrees approach to media solutions.
We pride ourselves in having an able and diverse team.

Our approach is to focus on the customer. In every project we
endeavour to fully meet our clients’s needs, taking into account potential future requirements.

By adopting this strategy we strive for continually improving
our position and as a result we belong to the leading suppliers of the professional technology, digital marketing and recording media

Mission and Vision

Our experienced team of specialists is ready to implement any
customer requirement and remains engaged throughout the whole
process, from the project design, technology delivery, mounting, activation
and post support

Each project is always handled individually according the specific
customer needs and requirements.

Statement of Quality

All our of quality management systems meet international standards. We base
our quality by fully documenting all processes, implementing business cases
and educating the importance of quality responsibility to our employees.

We Keep Our Word

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Triple P production, editorial and creative team features highly
talented, experienced and qualified individuals.