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Oral health care, regular check-ups, cleaning and more

Every aspect of our business heavily relies on the digital platform.
We command a heavy presence on the various social media
platforms, riding on our dynamic internal and external digital
This team consists of various social media gurus and influencers.
They host their individual pages and help us to push content on
their platforms, as well as grow our channels.
Our internal social media channels are as follows;
1. Our Facebook fan page: Triple P Media
2. Our Twitter handle: @Tripleptvke
3. Our Instagram: @officialtripleptv
4. Blog sites Triplep.tv and NIaje.com



By using advanced methods of production and sophisticated
equipment Triple P production team aims to provide content which
is second to none.
By positioning ourselves as a content provider, we aim to produce
and showcase our content beyond Triple P TV.
Part of the production will include Commercials, vines,
music videos & photography including red carpet provision and coverage,
club events,concerts, conferences, weddings and other private functions.
Moreover we hire our equipment too at affordable rates.
We are proud to be involved in several very potential projects, that
are intended at elevating our position even further.



We are an events organizer.
Some of the activities we are involved in are;
-Experiential events.
-Corporate Functions
-Onground product campaigns
-or activations.
-Music concerts and other
-related activities.
-Exhibition hosting and
-conference facilitation.
-Corporate team buildings.


Live Streaming

We are able to do live streaming of client events. This gives an
opportunity for those not able to attend such events to watch
them real time and not feel left out.

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