Triple P

Triple P production, editorial and creative team features highly talented, experienced and qualified individuals.

Established over 3 years ago, Triple p is a channel is dedicated to
adding value to people’s lives through high-quality programming that
informs, educates, entertains and inspires audiences in Nairobi and
beyond. Triple P is found on the startimes platform channel 428 and
as PPP on channel 430.
The target audience is Kenyan males and females between the ages
of 16 to 35 years.

Our Approach

Triple P TV  is a company that is set up to offer a 360 degrees approach to media solutions.
We pride ourselves in having an able and diverse team.

Our approach is to focus on the customer. In every project we
endeavour to fully meet our clients’s needs, taking into account potential future requirements.

By adopting this strategy we strive for continually improving
our position and as a result we belong to the leading suppliers of the professional technology, digital marketing and recording media

  • Delivery
  • Quality

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